Aerators and Mixing Equipment

Our aeration and mixing equipment is the backbone of water treatment. We’ve dedicated over a decade to pioneering technology and fostering quality partnerships for plant construction and facility maintenance. Aeration systems infuse wastewater with vital oxygen, ensuring microbial health. At Euroteck Environmental, we’re not just treating wastewater; we’re breathing life into it.

Why Choose Our Our Aerator and Mixing Equipment?

Why should you choose our state-of-the-art aeration and mixing equipment? The answer is simple – we’re committed to excellence from the ground up.

Rigorous Testing

Our products undergo meticulous testing in our talent-infused pool before installation, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

Fine Air Bubbles

Our aeration systems unleash fine air bubbles that dance through water, efficiently mixing it to perfection.

Longevity & Low Maintenance

Our products are built to last for years with minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.

Dependable Performance

Trust us in challenging, debris-laden conditions – we deliver consistent, trusted performance.

Effortless Retrofits

Our equipment is designed for easy retrofits and maintenance, providing flexibility and convenience.


Even in the harshest winter months, our products keep performing efficiently.

Quality Wastewater Treatment

Aeration not only removes dissolved gases but also reduces volatile organic chemicals (VOC) in wastewater, contributing to cleaner water.

Precise Parameter Maintenance

Our mixers help maintain crucial parameters like biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand, ensuring water quality.

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Our Range of Aerators and Mixing Equipment

Discover the Spectrum of Aerators and Mixing Equipment – Tailored to Your Every Need!

Aire – O2 Triton 2.O Series Aerator

Expanded Energy Savings Achieved by improved Design and Rigorous Testing

Aire – O2 Triton TR Series

The effective, flexible, reliable solution to deliver more oxygen

Aire – O2 Triton Process Aerator/Mixer

Aire-O2 Triton Process Aerator/Mixer for Pulp and Paper

Aire – O2 Series Aspirator Aerator

higher removal rates of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and suspended solids.

Aire – O2 Series 275 Aspirator Aerator

Intended for a limited financial plan

Aire – O2 Antifouling Aspirator

Resilient design is trusted to perform in harsh conditions.

Fixed Film Media

Cost-saving wastewater facility and improves the plant execution, limit, and encourages year-round nitrification.

Our Clients Love Us

Hundreds of organizations trust us

Our Clients Love Us

1.How much is the oxygen transfer efficiency ?

It can transfer 2.2 KgO2/ KWH.

2.What is the air bubble size during aeration ?

It provides fine bubble diffused aeration with less than 2 mm bubble size.

3.How much is your product maintenance frequency ?

Very low frequency and maintenance is very easy.

4.How long is the product life ?

It operates smoothly when maintained for minimum 10+ years.

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