Lakes/Ponds/Water Bodies Rehabilitation & Upgradation

Euroteck Environmental Pvt Ltd is expert in handling “Lakes and Rivers Cleaning”, and river upgradation. EEPL has shaken hands with Telangana Government on Hussain Sagar Lake and Catchment Area Improvement Project and provided assurance in order to take care of the world-class Hussain Sagar water purity and its beauty.

Lakes Rivers Ponds Rehabilitation and Upgradation
  • To improve the quality of the lake by preventing pollutants entering into the lake form point and non-poing
  • sources of pollution; removing the nutriet-rich sediments.
  • Interception and diversion of dry weather flows; improvement of nullahs in catchment area to check the
  • entry of polluted water into the lake.
  • To improve the overall lake environment and its surroundings for enriched biodiversity.
  • Increasing the potentiality of ecological tourism and economic status of people in the catchment area.
  • Improving the sanitary conditions of the people living in the catchment area and the vicinity of the lake.

As per the commitment we delivered better than what we commit. And its results are:

  • The lake water quality form Hyder-eutrophic condition to Mesotrophic condition is improved
  • Increased the biodiversity of the lake
  • Increased in pisci-culture activities, lead to recreational fishing
  • Employment generation by Eco-tourism activities
  • Recreating facilities has been increased
  • Groundwater quality on daily basis is increased
  • Surrounding Human Health improved
  • Improved aesthetics

Our lakes, ponds, and river up-gradation expertise make us the best water treatment service provider.

EUROTECK is always ready to handle the Lakes/Rivers/Water bodies Rehabilitation and Upgradation in any situation. For inquiry, mail us at | Call us at: +91 96876 93899

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