Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions and Equipment Manufacturer in India

Whether municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants systems, with over 15 years of water treatment experience, Euroteck Environmental understands your challenges and recognizes the need to meet ever-increasing environmental, regulatory, and budgetary expectations.
wastewater treatment
wastewater treatment

We address wastewater treatment problems

A report published on India Environment Portal says that around 3,296 MLD wastewater flows in the 19 drains that connect the river Yamuna, of which 630 MLD is untreated. As municipalities have pressure to treat wastewater, Euroteck Environmental can help by using high-quality equipment and products to efficiently reduce the majority of pollutants.

When the central government of India tightens the wastewater discharge rules, and many industries and municipalities face problems complying with wastewater emission guidelines, Euroteck Environmental can use various products to treat water and meet discharge limits efficaciously.

Are you looking for a solution?

Euroteck Environmental, one of the best wastewater treatment plant manufacturers, offers the most satisfactory solution for industrial as well as domestic and municipal wastewater treatment through various products. 

We analyze your water treatment issues, rectify them, and we aim to combine innovation and creativity with expertise and advanced technology.

Throughout the years, we have established esteemed relations with our clients by providing the best services for municipal sewage treatment as well as industrial wastewater treatment plants

How do we help?

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plant and management can be tedious, but we can make it easy with our competency and up-to-date, sophisticated equipment. 
  • We can successfully treat industrial wastewater ranging from effortlessly treatable food processing wastewater to highly complex leachate from landfills. 
  • We can also adeptly manage effluent treatment, common effluent treatment, and sewage treatment which involves physical, compound, and organic treatment. 
  • Our treatment plants are spearhead and tailored to suit your specific application for wastewater treatment.

Our advanced engineering and explicit wastewater treatment products minimize the number of pollutants from the wastewater, using several physical, chemical, and biological methods.

Our extensive range of products 

Euroteck Environmental, a leading wastewater treatment plant manufacturer, strives to provide customer satisfaction for various wastewater treatment plant processes through the highest quality and ever-expanding products like,

  • Aeration and mixing equipment
  • Screening solutions
  • Treatment technologies
  • Mechanical dewatering equipment
  • The mechanical grit removal system
  • Clarifiers equipment
  • Grinding screens and waste grinders
  • Filtration systems
  • Odor control and chlorine scrubbers
EUROTECK is always ready to help you in keeping your plant compliant in any situation. For inquiry, mail us at marketing@euroteckindia.com | Call us at: +91 96876 93899
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