With expanding environmental concerns and enactments, wastewater treatment is a mandate to persistently enhance the release standards and lower environmental risks; Euroteck Environmental offers manageable answers for Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant of a wide range of wastewater. We give finished answers for effluent treatment, common effluent treatment, and sewage treatment which involves physical, compound, and organic treatment in light of cutting-edge advancements.

We provide an efficient wastewater treatment plant.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board, there are 15,730 sewage treatment plants in India, out of which 530 are non-complying. However, we offer a streamlined and efficient municipal sewage treatment plant

Euroteck Environmental has proved to be a competent pioneer manufacturer with innovative wastewater treatment technologies.

Why Euroteck Environmental?
  • The plant is built using the best quality equipment and products in compliance with ultra-modern market developments. 
  • We provide a customized solution for each project with proven performance and less downtime.
  • Our standardized equipment is developed to operate with high efficiency year-round.
  • Whether your system holds ten or a million citizens, Euroteck Environmental can provide complete wastewater treatment solutions – from installation to operation and maintenance. 
  • We’re committed to exceeding customers’ expectations through a motivated and talented employee pool.
Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant
Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant

EUROTECK is always ready to help you in keeping your plant compliant in any situation. For inquiry, mail us at marketing@euroteckindia.com | Call us at +91 96876 93899

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