Filtration Systems

Filtration is a significant step in multiple-stepped wastewater treatment, and Euroteck Environmental Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name for providing a broad spectrum of filtration systems. We design, test, and commission the filtration systems to ensure maximum return on investment. Our wastewater treatment experts address your most challenging water treatment problem by incorporating the most advanced treatment technologies.

What is filtration?

The filtration system uses a physical barrier called a semi-permeable membrane to remove finer particles from the wastewater. In addition, Euroteck Environmental uses different techniques like ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, high flux filtration, and disc cloth filters to remove suspended impurities from water. 

Importance of filtration in water treatment
  • It improves the odor and taste of water.
  • It removes the maximum amount of toxins.
  • Filtration in water treatment plays a critical role, as it removes the majority of fine particles, bacteria, and viruses.
Advantages of Euroteck Environmental filtration systems
  • We strive to provide the highest quality products and services.
  • Our filtration systems are highly energy-efficient.
  • We offer top-notch standardized equipment.
  • Filtration systems of Euroteck Environmental efficiently remove suspended solids and microorganisms.
  • Our designs are smooth to operate and provide complete monitoring.
  • Residual organics and colloidal particle removal.
  • It is efficient in the reduction of SDI.
  • We offer streamlined products that reduce resistance.

Our various products are used for several purposes in multi-step wastewater treatment.

  • In secondary treatment
  • For tertiary polishing
  • Used for municipal sewage treatment
  • For industrial effluent treatment
  • To extend the life of RO

Euroteck Environmental offers state-of-art equipment and products that fulfill the need for filtration in the water treatment process. Our wide range of products provides the best solution for industrial as well as municipal sewage treatment. 

Choose from our selection of different Filtration Systems for wastewater treatment plants.

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