Screening Solutions

Euroteck is one of the leading provider of screening solutions for treating wastewater. We offer two types

  1. Mechanized Screens
  2. Manual Screens

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Screening is an earlier and essential step in wastewater treatment
  • It protects the downstream structure from huge solid matters 
  • It easily removes large components from the water, which might negatively affect the further treatment process. 

Euroteck Environmental offers the highest quality screening solution for your wastewater treatment. We offer both manual and mechanized screens to meet your most demanding need.

Why our screening solutions are the best?
  • They efficiently remove undissolved solids.
  • They prevent mechanical damage and blockages by removing most of the large solid particles.
  • They are reliable and easy to operate.
  • The screens are easy to maintain.
  • Our screens protect downstream equipment by reducing the size of suspended solids in wastewater.
  • The long service life of the screen.

We provide a wide range of screens to fit your specific need for,

  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Common effluent treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Municipal sewage treatment
  • Industrial effluent treatment

Euroteck Environmental invests in expert mechanisms and Avant-grade equipment to provide the best screening solutions for the customers. Our screens are specially designed to ensure optimum separation of suspended solids from the wastewater and support enhanced performance. 

EUROTECK is always ready to help you in keeping your plant compliant in any situation. For inquiry, mail us at | Call us at +91 96876 93899

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