Drum Brush Screens can be used for mechanical treatment of industrial and domestic waste-water.

Drum screens are intended for extraction of large and medium waste solids from industrial and municipal wastewater with subsequent unloading onto a transporter or into a waste bin.

The screens are intended for use in the wastewater with a pH of 6.5-8.5.


The screens are made of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 on demand with a 50 m3/h or 100 m3/h capacity.

The drum screen is a screen installed in the body with a revolving drum mounted longitudinally. The drum with its radial brush scrapers is installed on the shaft which is driven by a geared motor. The screen has a cover on the top that prevents wastewater spilling and odors spreading, as well as providing easy access for maintenance and visual inspection.x

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the screen opening can vary from 0.8 mm to 3 mm. In addition, the drum screen can be equipped with the filtering mesh washing device.

Drum Brush Screen
Drum Brush Screen

Operating Principle

Incoming wastewater passes through the screen’s filtering mesh and is drained through a discharge flange located in the bottom of its body, before moving further along the pipeline. Collected waste solids are removed from the screen by the rotating brush to the discharge zone and discharged into a transporter or a waste bin. The drum screen can be equipped with a two-stage screen cleaning system: brush cleaning and water pressure cleaning, on customer request.


  • Screens fine material wastewater that contains hard to detect solids like hair.
  • Reliable and easy operation and construction.
  • The compact modular design is ideal for small wastewater treatment facilities.
  • All parts are manufactured from stainless steel.


The screen turns on automatically when the wastewater feed pumps starts. Various other automation options are also available. Alarm systems for the normal operation indication and emergency stops are provided. It is possible to transfer equipment status data to a higher level automated process control system depending on the client’s requirements.


Parameter Value
Capacity (flow rate), m3/h 50…100
Diameter of inlet and outlet flanges, mm 150…200
Diameter of mesh sieve openings, mm 1…5
Electric drive, pcs 1
Power, kW 0,18…0,37
Weight, kg 115…180

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