Small Bar Screen

The Small Bar Screen is a durable and efficient solution for primary fine treatment of domestic wastewater.


This screen is a durable and efficient solution for primary fine treatment of domestic wastewater.

RKME screens are installed in channels with depth from 270 mm, width from 300 mm and with bar spacing from 1 mm.

These characteristics allow the screens to be used for:

  • pump protection on SPS from damag caused by coarse waste.
  • fine mechanical treatment in domestic wastewater treatment facilities.
  • local mechanical wastewater treatment on separate plants.

The screens are intended for use in wastewater with a рН of 6.5-8.5.

Operating Principle

These screens collect and expel waste of sizes larger than the openings of filtering mesh. The waste is removed periodically from the mesh by the rake.

The rake moves the waste to the frame’s top edge. The waste is then removed from the rake and discharged to the transporter or the waste bin by means of the gravity slide. The screen operation periodicity depends on the automation scheme.


  • Minimal capital outlay and operating costs.
  • Easy maintenanceIncreased reliability due to the special filtering mesh that prevents rake jams.
  • Fine mechanical treatment – mesh openings start from 1 mm.
  • Long screen lifetime: corrosion resistant materials are used (AISI 304 or AISI316 on customers demand) and no revolving parts are used in the submersible part of the screen.


  • Screen automation can be done according to different parameters:Wastewater level difference upstream and downstream of the screen.
  • Any customized program.

Alarm systems of the normal operation indication, the emergency stops, the wastewater top level in the channel and others are provided. It is possible to transfer equipment status data to a higher level automated process control system depending on the client’s requirements.

The screen is supplied with safety device to avoid damage to any screen components.

The safety device stops the screen operation when bulky waste ingress the filtering mesh, or when any other object blocks free plate movement. Light and sound alarms turn on simultaneously when the safety device is active. The screens, together with a conveyor, compacting press and slide gates, are included in a high-performance complex for mechanical wastewater treatment.

Equipping the control system with programmable modules makes it possible to integrate complex sub systems into one system with a common control center and remote dispatching.


Parameters Value
Power, kW 0,09
Bar spacing, mm 1…5
Capability, m3/h 17…223
Height Channel, mm 270…490
Height Bar Screen, mm 660…1016
Dischrarge, mm 315…675
Channel width, mm 400…600
Mounting angle, degree 60
Mass, kg 23,5…42,3
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