A2O/AO Process (Anaerobic+ Anoxic+ Aerobic)

The Advanced Activated Sludge Process or three-stage A2O process consists of a Modified Ludzack-Ettinger (MLE) process for nitrogen removal, with an anaerobic zone in front for phosphorus removal .The process is called A2O since it consists of anaerobic/anoxic/oxic (aerobic) tanks in series. The RAS is recycled to the anaerobic zone. The anaerobic zone is followed by an anoxic zone for nitrogen removal through de-nitrification. IR is recycled from the aerobic zone to the anoxic zone at a rate of 100 to 400 percent of influent. Nitrogen removal is limited by the IR flow and this is achieved by means of IR gates contrary to the heavy duty pumps which consumes high amount of power . This is a relatively simple process to operate. The process has a small footprint.

A20 Process

The A2O Treatment Process that is process for Nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal. It follows anoxic zone for nitrogen removal through denitrification. Traditional Oxidation Ditch process were utilizing the conventional surface type aerators/brush type/plate type and air Blower/diffusers for doing the BNR and Biological P removal and heavy duty IR pumps for recirculation.

Features which Makes the A2O Process Advanced

  • Incorporation of High Efficiency Triton Type Aerators which have deeper mixing capability up to 10m.
  • Deeper Tanks so lower foot print area
  • Inter Re-circulation by means of gates inbuilt in the design in contrast to the heavy submersible IR pumps. Which proved to be energy efficient .
  • Able to avoid the usage of chemicals for Phosphorus removal.
  • Complete BNR removal without use of any Chemicals, unlike other Traditional Ditch & SBR system wherein the chemical dosage is necessary.
  • BOD Removal Efficiency 95-98%
  • Lower HRTs compared to the conventional processes.
  • Low Operation & maintenance cost
  • Ease of Installation & Commissioning
  • Customized Tank Designs based on the Effluent characteristics catering both domestic/municipal/industrial effluents.

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