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Screening Solutions

Euroteck is one of the leading provider of screening solutions for treating wastewater.
We offer two types of screening solutions
1. Mechanized Screens
2. Manual Screens

1. Mechanized Screens

The maintenance of mechanical impurities and the wastewater arrangement to the biological treatment are done at the phase of the mechanical wastewater treatment.
It is critical to forestall the entrance of the large scale at the accompanying treatment stages. The waste that occurred in sedimentation tanks and aerotanks, can cripple the equipment at the accompanying treatment stages.
The utilization of these mechanical screens assists with guaranteeing the significant degree of wastewater treatment from mechanical pollutants at any phase of the wastewater treatment and permits utilizing the mechanical treatment both as an autonomous strategy and as one of the wastewater treatment stages.

Types of Mechanized Screens:

Bar Screen

1. Bar Screen

Screw Screen Main

2. Screw Screen

Step Screen

4. Step Screen

Hook Screen

4. Hook Screen

Drum Screen TP Outside - In

5. Drum Screen

Screening is an earlier and essential step in wastewater treatment

Euroteck Environmental offers the highest quality screening solution for your wastewater treatment. We offer both manual and mechanized screens to meet your most demanding need.

Why our screening solutions are the best?


We provide a wide range of screens to fit your specific need for,

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