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Euroteck is one of the leading provider of Bio-Lace for treating wastewater.
IFFAS (Integrated fixed film activated sludge) is a treatment process, combining suspended and sessile biomass. In addition, BIOLACE is placed into the treatment tank in order to attach a part of the biomass (sessile biomass). With the attached growth more biomass is available in the system. Media will be floating according to water level in the tank. This process is ideally suitable for SBR applications/ capacity enhancements.
Bio-lace is a rope form fiber combined with various high polymer material and specific braid skill. The important application is it uses the microbes to adhere and degrade organic Pollutant. Bio-Lace is Installed in Anaerobic tank and aeration tank.

Bio- Lace works in three stages - Attachment, Growth and Dispersal.

Bio-Lace is very resilient against toxic shock and hydraulic surges.

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