Sewage Treatment Plant for Apartments!

February 24, 2023by euroteck login

Did you know that rainwater may be utilized to flush the toilet, wash your car, and irrigate your garden? A fantastic option to conserve water and lower your monthly utility costs is to install a rainwater collector. The benefits of installing a rainwater harvesting plant at your home are as follows.

In the majority of Indian metropolises, wastewater treatment is a dystopian nightmare. Now that I think about it, untreated sewage from homes and flats is the main cause of water contamination in India.

In India, there are less than a thousand sewage treatment facilities, and the majority of the sewage produced by 135 billion people is dumped without treatment, according to a recent assessment by the Central Pollution Control Board.

Sewage treatment plants (STPs) for flats are essential for this reason, above all others. Only by doing this, you will be able to ensure that the wastewater generated by your apartment isn’t released into the environment untreated. We need to make sure that the damaged water supplies are regularly checked so that all of us, our children, and our grandkids have access to safe drinking water.

Another good reason to have STP is that it is now required by new environmental legislation, which is especially important if you are not yet awake enough to understand the significance of conserving our rapidly depleting drinking water resources.

Why Sewage Treatment Plants Are Beneficial for Residential Buildings?

The majority of toxins from domestic wastewater, which is a collection of sewage from toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens, are removed at sewage treatment plants. After being safely discharged into the sewer lines, the wastewater is treated. Reducing the quantity of wastewater from residential buildings that are typically dumped into the environment helps to preserve water, the most valuable resource on earth.

Sewage Wastewater Demystified

The effluent from household sewage contains chemicals like detergents, soaps, and cleaning agents as well as bacteria that can lead to serious illnesses.

This effluent typically has a gray color, a musty odor, and a 0.1% solids concentration. Feces, urine, grease, food scraps, oil, toilet paper, salts, dust, metals, detergents, and sand are all mixed together in this solid portion.

Household wastewater is treated using a variety of physical, biological, and chemical wastewater treatment methods before it is in any way fit to be released into the environment due to the complex nature of contaminants.

Sewage Treatment: The Process

The steps that are generally used to treat wastewater are as follows:

First stage: Plastic bottles, wrappers, and other major contaminants are removed from the wastewater during screening.

Primary stage: Sedimentation is the first step, during which lighter particles like oil and grease float to the surface and can be readily skimmed off with skimmers.

Secondary stage: The anaerobic bacteria that devour biodegradable soluble pollutants can be introduced during the second stage using an activated sludge filter (AFM) or treated filter.

Tertiary stage: Disinfection and removal of solids and nutrients during the tertiary stage. The water is disinfected chemically, through ultraviolet light, or microfiltration at this stage, and all advanced treatments are combined to remove and reduce pathogens, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other inorganic compounds before releasing the water for reuse. The sludge that is produced as a result is then treated with anaerobic bacteria in digesting tanks and used as fertilizer.

Cost of Sewage Treatment Plant for Apartments

Apartment sewage treatment is a method that is incredibly economical. It produces reusable, clean water that may be used for tasks like washing, cleaning, and watering plants. Additionally, maintaining the STP typically doesn’t cost much.\

To help construct an STP at your apartment building, contact Euroteck- one of the best wastewater treatment companies in India that provides the best waste water solutions at the best prices. The Euroteck team will examine your facilities before designing and implementing the ideal STP for your requirements. We use advanced and latest methods for treating wastewater like integrated fixed Film activated sludge & much more. Euroteck performs desludging and service at least once a year in addition to designing and operationalizing to ensure that the STP runs well.

STPs are the best option for a sustainable “water” future and are also required for bigger apartment buildings. The price of an Indian sewage treatment facility is reasonable. Therefore, it is wise to adopt STPs as a way of life to enable water to complete its journey and avoid flowing untreated to sewers.


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