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A better aeration and mixing equipment

The Aeration and Mixing Equipment for wastewater treatment is basic part of the multi-step procedure of water and wastewater treatment. Euroteck Environmental Pvt Ltd guarantee to bring you more inventive and successful wastewater solutions.

The professionals at Euroteck Environmental have dedicated more than a decade to the research and development of leading technology aerators and mixers. In addition, we focus on a quality partnership to support new plant construction, providing valuable solutions for existing plants and facility maintenance.

What is an aeration system?

The aeration system incorporates air bubbles in wastewater, which induces bacteria’s aerobic digestion of organic matter. It mixes the wastewater and spreads oxygen in the maximum water area because if the water is not mixed appropriately, microbes may die due to a lack of dissolved oxygen.

Benefits of using our aeration systems and mixing equipment

Euroteck Environmental’s varied aeration system designs and mixing equipment offer the least resistance, are built to last, and are one of the most recommended wastewater treatment systems. We provide trusted engineering expertise and tailored equipment to meet the customer’s specific needs, maximizing energy efficiency and lowering costs.

  • We have a talented testing pool that tests the products before installation.
  • Fine air bubbles from our aeration systems mix water efficiently. 
  • Our products operate for years with minimal maintenance.
  • Trusted performance in challenging, heavy debris condition.
  • Easy retrofits and maintenance.
  • Our products give an efficient performance in winter months 
  • Aeration removes dissolved gases and reduces volatile organic chemicals (VOC) present in the wastewater.
  • Our mixers maintain parameters like biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand.
  • It is also advantageous in capital investment concerns.
Below are the different Aeration and Mixing Equipment we provide.

Aire – O2 Triton 2.O Series                                 Aire – O2 Triton TR Series

Aire – O2 – Triton Process Aerator/Mixer     Aire – O2 Series Aspirator Aerator

Aire – O2 Series 275 Aspirator Aerator          Aire – O2 Antifouling Aspirator

Fixed Film Media

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