Step Screen is the most productive equipment for the fine treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater with a high detachment level of little skimming inorganic and fibrous inclusions.

Application Features of Step Screens:

  • Fine wastewater treatment – least dispersing width is 3 mm.
  • High throughput capacity
  • Self-cleaning separating surface design
  • Air-assisted fomentation arrangement of sand silt.
Step Screen
Step Screen

Advantages and Benefits of the Step Screens:

  • The design adjusts to practically any installation site. At times, blocked holes can be impeded by rubber sealings.
  • Activity in the mode of ceaseless lifting and transportation of screenings.
  • Narrow slot width and the filtration of the stream by the “cover” of the lifted screenings, which altogether builds the partition effectiveness.
  • Self-cleaning of plates without the utilization of assistant components, brushes or washing with water.
  • Prevention of screenings’ falling once again into the channel because of the diminished spacings of 1 mm nearby over the channel.
  • Low amiability to sand and rock.
  • Simple substitution of the sifting surface if there should be an occurrence of harm.
  • The utilization of a dependable worm gear engine from the world brand, NORD Drive Systems.
  • Slight sheet metal plates with a thickness of 2-3 mm give a high throughput limit of the screen.
  • Evacuation of fine silt utilizing a punctured pipe. The pipe is introduced at the lower part of the screen and is utilized to work up silt that can be gathered before the screen.
  • Coordination into existing offices for wastewater treatment. Alternatives of robotization and synchronization with different sorts of equipment.
  • Mechanical and electrical over-burden protection incase if blocking,

Durability of Step Screens:

  • The use of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. Additional anti-corrosion treatment – volume etching and passivation.
  • Strong housing that is resistant to damage, inaccurate installation or rough transportation conditions.

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