• The Waste grinders are intended for grinding large and medium sized waste from the mechanized screens on the sewer pump stations (SPS).

Description: Cutters and shafts are manufactured from tool steel, while all other parts are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304.z The grinder consists of two sets of rotating cutters that are installed horizontally and enclosed in the frame. A loading hopper is provided on the top of the frame for waste feeding from the screening equipment to the grinder. The gravity slide located at the bottom of the frame directs grinded waste to the wastewater channel after the screening equipment. The grinder is mounted onto a prop which is fastened to the ground at both sides of the channel. Cutter shafts are driven by a geared motor.

Waste Grinder

Operating Principle

Waste from the mechanical screening equipment is directed to the loading hopper of the waste grinder via the gravity slide. The waste is grinded by counter-rotating cutters and dispatched further along gravity slide.


  • Reduces pumping station service personnel and costs for waste removal from pumping stations.
  • Retention of organic compounds in the wastewater for further biological treatment processes.
  • Automatic equipment protection prevents jamming and congestion – grinding cutters reverse and restart.


Using the grinders allows the customer to operate the pumping stations in a fully automated mode. The grinder automatically switches on when the sewer mechanized screen switches on. Other automation options are also available.

Alarm systems of the normal operation indication and the emergency stops are provided. It is possible to transfer equipment status data to a higher level automated process control system depending on the client’s requirements.


Parameter Value
Electric drive, pcs 1
Power, kW 5,5
Weight, kg 515
Hopper width, mm 364
Hopper lenght, mm 680…2000
Hopper height, mm 150

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