Euroclean Advanced High Flux Filtration

Euroclean Advanced High Flux Filtration is the  Game Changer In Pre-Treatment And Tertiary Treatment Zones of Clear and Waste Water Treatment.

How it works:

  • The Euroclean advanced high flux filter uses a mix of different layers of specific filter media.
  • The inert natural media have an increasing density, a decreasing particle size and specific shape factor.
  • High filtration velocities from 25 up to 50m3/m2hr
  • High solid holding capacity up to 200kg/m3
  • Backwash water consumption, 0.5 to 1% at 50m3/m2hr
  • Media has a naturally high positive charge enabling negatively
  • Charged particulates such as Cryptosporidium and Legionella to be removed by surface adsorption


  • Smaller foot print
  • Low Capex and Low Opex
  • No chemicals coagulant required
  • Outlet particle less than 0.25 micron
  • Low volume Backwash (0.1-1% of forward feed @ 40m3/m2hr)
  • Possibility of retrofitting to reduce operational costs.
  • SDI <3 at the outlet of Euroclean filter for inlet water with turbidity of 18 NTU
  • Suitable to feed RO membrane.
  • 15 year media life.

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