Belt Filter Press Combi Units

The belt filter press combi units of Euroteck Environmental are a combination of belt filter press and belt thickener. It associates the features of both the equipment to provide hassle-free and efficient service.

Belt filter press 
  • It is intended for mechanical dewatering of wastewater sludge, water conditioning sludge, and industrial slimes. 
  • It features a rollers system installed on the frame, between which two endless belts are stretched and connected into continuous ducts.
  • Two belt flushing assemblies, sludge feeder and distributor, and filter cake removal devices are provided with the filter press.
Belt thickener 
  • It is intended for mechanical dewatering, conditioning, and purifying wastewater sludge and industrial slime. 
  • It features a strained, endless sieve belt with an installed ripper system.
  • After dewatering in belt thickener, the sludge moisture can be reduced from 98-99% to 90-96%
  • It is optimal for wastewater with pH 6.0 – 9.0.
Belt filter press combi units
  • In this system, the belt thickener is installed onto the frame of the belt filter press
  • It features the belt filter press PL series and belt thickener SG mounted on it.
  • The dewatered sludge in the belt filter press is treated with a polymer; however, in belt filter press combi units, after polymer treatment, sludge is fed into the top of the unit, on belt thickener. 
  • Here, preliminary sludge dewatering is done under gravity.
  • Finally, the sludge is supplied to filter press gravity dewatering zone.
  • The dewatering capacity can be increased with the belt filter press combi units.
  • Compact equipment.
  • Best suitable for sludge with initial moisture of more than 97.5%.
  • It lengthens the gravity dewatering zone.
  • Low polymer consumption.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • It is reliable because of the high-quality components in the equipment.
  • High efficiency of sludge thickening due to a special system of rippers.
  • Automated control system
  • Certified spare parts and accessories
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